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1:1 Health & Fitness Coaching

Rise Up Rooted works alongside individuals who are looking to make sustainable and meaningful changes to their health and fitness practices.  Health and Fitness Coaching can be an incredible investment for individuals who are seeking a personalized approach, that is unique to their needs, desires and life situations.

The coaching process begins by guiding individuals to both identify & clarify their values and priorities within the context of their current life situation.  From there clients work with a coach on developing realistic goals that align with these values and priorities and determine actionable steps that can be taken to achieve those goals.

Curious if 1:1 Coaching is Right for You?

Please click the contact link below to book your complementary phone consult to learn more

Fee Structure

Initial Consultation (120min): $200+GST

  • Completed over 2 sessions

  • Includes:

    • Initial Interview (45min)

      • Can be done in person or online

      • Review & clarification of any pre-completed questionnaires & forms

      • Exploration of the client's values & priorities in the context of their current life situations.

      • Identification of  strengths or bright spots with the client's current health & fitness practices.

      • Identification of areas for opportunity to build upon or cultivate new positive health & fitness practices.

    • Comprehensive Health & Fitness Evaluation (75min)

      • Using evidence based measures the client will participate in an evaluation tailored to what they have identified as wanting to focus and work towards.

    • A Summary Report including all relevant findings (including baseline metrics) as well as recommendations for actionable next steps.

Once the initial consultation is completed some client's may feel that they have enough information and support to move forward, and that is AWESOME!  Whereas others may want to continue with the coaching process.  For those wanting to continue coaching they can choose from the options below.

Monthly Coaching Options

*These options are available to clients who have completed an Initial Consultation*

  • In-Person or On-Line Coaching and/or Personal Training (60min): $75.00+GST

  • Telephone or On-line (i.e Zoom) Check-in/Follow-up (20min): $25.00+GST

  • Email Check-in/Follow-up: $15.00 +GST

How your coaching program looks like is up to you!  Every client has their own set of unique values, priorities, and life situations. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to coaching. You choose the frequency (how many times a week or month) and type (in-person, phone, email) to put together a program that is uniquely yours!

So here is the good but hard to hear news...

When it comes to making positive  & sustainable changes to our health & fitness it is often simpler but takes longer than we think.

This is why I encourage all of my client's who decide to continue with the coaching process after their initial consultation to commit to themselves to make at least a 3 month investment.

Why 3 months?

Research findings show that on AVERAGE it takes more than two months for new behaviours to become automatic.  It is important to set realistic expectations around timelines when it comes to making sustainable changes to your health & fitness.

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