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1:1 Coaching & Group Classes

Whether it be 1:1 coaching or group programs/classes it is the mission of Rise Up Rooted to help support and guide individuals to engage in meaningful and sustainable health and fitness practices.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER."
-African Proverb-

Who Do We Coach?

  • We coach anyone who is looking to make positive changes to their health & fitness.

  • All of our programs & classes are open to ALL levels of fitness. 

  • At Rise Up Rooted we work under the scope of practice of providing services to individuals who are apparently healthy or those with a stable health condition who are able to exercise independently. Please refer to for more information.


How You Want To Be Coached Is Up To You!
1:1 Coaching - Group Classes - Or A Blend Of Both



  • ​Looking to get started but feel unsure of where to begin?

  • Wanting to make changes to other aspects of your health & fitness, not just physical activity?

  • Looking for personalized coaching on proper form and technique to give you more confidence when working out independently or during group fitness classes?

  • Wanting increased accountability?

  • Looking for a personalized program designed specifically for you?

1:1 Coaching


  • Looking for a community of like-minded people who want to find joy in moving their awesome bodies?

  • Wanting to have variety in each workout while focussing on foundational movement patterns and total body strength?

  • Looking to receive coaching on proper form & technique while discovering ways to modify exercises that will work for you?

  • Wanting to build some structure into your weekly fitness routine?

  • Looking for fitness classes that take place outside of conventional gyms or fitness studios?

Group Classes

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