To empower individuals through health and fitness practices that leave them feeling connected, awakened, inspired and unstoppable.


To provide individuals with the knowledge and support required to engage in meaningful and sustainable health and fitness practices.



Autonomy "Taking Ownership":  We are all ultimately in charge of our own health and fitness. A coach can help to facilitate and support change while guiding someone towards action, but it is up to that individual to do the work in creating their own health and fitness practices.


Individuality "Find Your Own Version Of Strong": Health and fitness looks and feels differently on each of us individually. Genetics, interests, priorities, and lifestyle are just a few factors that play an important role in shaping your own unique version of what it means to be healthy and fit.


Health "Health First:" Prioritizing health and fitness is a choice that needs to be made on a continual basis. On any given day we usually have more on our “to-do” lists than time, and if  health and fitness is not one of our top priorities than chances are we will never make time for it.


Sustainability "Progress Not Perfection": The best health and fitness practices are the ones that can be done consistently.  Creating sustainable health and fitness practices takes patience but is often less difficult and complex than is commonly thought. Start small think big!


Growth Mindset "Embracing Failure To Find Success": Embracing a growth mindset when creating health and fitness practices is essential.  When trying to figure out what works for us individually it is important to base our practices on science while recognizing that our own unique circumstances will impact how effectively they work and translate into our lives.


Process vs. Outcomes"Focus On The Journey Not The Destination": Due to a variety of factors we may not have the ability to control our health and fitness outcomes but we do have the ability to take charge of our choices. By focusing on cultivating health and fitness practices the outcomes usually take care of themselves.


Holistic Approach "Striving For Balance": There are many different components that factor into optimal health and fitness.  Physical activity, nutrition/hydration, rest/recovery, mindset, emotional and spiritual well-being are all equally important components.  It is important to consider each of these when creating sustainable health and fitness practices, as each are interconnected.


Community "Stronger Together:" Developing sustainable health and fitness practices is more likely to occur when you align yourself and seek support from a community of individuals with shared values and beliefs.