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What are people saying about Rise Up Rooted?

"Why do I love coaching women? Because I believe that the world is in a much better place when we have strong, healthy, and supported women at all ages and stages living in our communities."

Tina Wilson

"Tina is the best professional fitness class instructor, I have ever had the pleasure of attending a class from .  She at all times keeps it fun, while helping her students to get the movements right.  Her classes are addictive, and what's better than fitness being addictive for our bodies and minds.  I will definitely be attending more classes."

Janet M

"I have had the pleasure of both team teaching with Tina and being one of her participants. Tina offers a unique brand of fitness, incorporating her skills as an Occupational Therapist and her love of the outdoors. Tina gives personalized attention throughout the workout and she provides optional levels of exercise. Tina's ability to motivate and encourage really shines through, especially at 7am on rainy, windy west coast mornings. We leave her classes feeling invigorated, stronger and smiling inside and out."


Kathy P

"I have been attending Tina's classes once a week for several months in rain, wind, snow and sunshine. It does not matter what the weather is doing, we always get warmed up very quickly. The classes are fantastic. I am noticing a great improvement in my strength and flexibility. It's a wonderful way to start the day with likeminded women who love the outdoors and want to be healthy.Tina makes the classes fun and we giggle a lot. She is aware of everybody's challenges and makes sure we have alternative exercises if needed.  I would recommend Tina's classes to anyone." 


Brigitte C

"These workout classes are creative, effective, and FUN! Tina has a huge repertoire of knowledge and exercises, so her sessions are always changing (and never boring!). Thanks to her excellent instruction and welcoming demeanour, I’m noticeably stronger, and I’ve met a whole bunch of amazing women. Highly recommended!"

 Jen G

I am so happy to have discovered Tina’s outdoor group fitness classes which I have actively participated in since April 2021. Tina always gives clear directions along with concise explanations of what we are trying to achieve. I really appreciate how she listens to our personal physical concerns and gives varied options for each exercise based on one’s abilities. Tina’s well organized 60 minutes of movement sure has me hooked on returning every session due to all the benefits of her thoughtful and sunny leadership.

 Carol J

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