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Covid-19 Policies/Guidelines



  • Class sizes to not exceed 10 participants in order to provide safe instruction and to ensure the instructor can support adherence of the COVID-19 safety plan.

  • Pre-registration/ sign-up for all classes/programs is required.

  • All registration paperwork (Get Active Questionnaire & Class Registration Form) will be completed electronically through email.

  • Contactless payment methods will be encouraged using e-transfer.  Cheques will be accepted as alternative payment option.

  • At the time of booking participants will be advised of the following:

    • They cannot participate in classes if they experience symptoms of COVID-19 or are otherwise required to isolate or quarantine.

    • They are encouraged to bring both a mask and their own alcohol based hand sanitizer to all classes.

  • Prior to each class both the instructor and participants will screen themselves using the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool ( .  If anyone is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms they are required to isolate at home and cannot participate in outdoor fitness activities.

  • In addition, for participants who have traveled outside of Canada please refer to to determine any additional testing or quarantine requirements prior to returning to daily routines and activities. 

  • Contact information (name, phone number, and email) of instructor and participant attendance for each class will be kept should it be required by public health for case finding/ contact tracing. Class attendance information will be kept for up to 30 days.




  • In the event that a participant needs to cancel their class registration due to COVID-19 related issues (e.g. positive self-screening symptoms, close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19) they will contact Rise Up Rooted at their earliest opportunity. The participant will be removed from the respective class with no cancellation fees or penalty.

  • In the event that the class instructor needs to cancel their class due to COVID-19 related issues (e.g. positive self-screening symptoms, close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19) they will contact the class participants at their earliest opportunity.  The missed class(es) will be rescheduled if possible. In the event that a class cannot be rescheduled the remaining classes will be reimbursed.




  • All in-person classes/programs will be offered outside to decrease the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

  • All in-person classes/ programs will be led by a qualified exercise professional who will assume the responsibility to support the adherence of the COVID-19 Policies/Guidelines.

  • Both the class instructor and participants will arrive a few minutes early to allow for additional time to prepare for class set-up.

  • The class instructor and participants should maintain a physical distance of at least 2 meters at all times.

    • Use of a visual cue such as cones will be used when appropriate and necessary to help ensure spacing is adhered to.

    • Distancing should be reinforced by the instructor throughout the class.

    • It is not mandatory for individuals who are from the same household to maintain 2 meters throughout the class.

  • Both the class instructor and participants will adhere to all provincial COVID-19 personal measures guidelines during class attendance.

    • Instructors will lead classes in a manner that avoids touching participants.Instructors will instead use verbal cues and instructor demonstration to assist participants.

    • Instructors should promote and facilitate frequent and proper hand hygiene.

      • Handwashing pre & post class.

      • WSBC approved hand sanitizer to be made available for participants or participants can bring their own.

    • Instructors should promote good respiratory etiquette (e.g. coughing/sneezing into a bent elbow).

    • Instructors should remind participants to practice good hygiene (e.g. refraining from spitting).

    • Instructors should remind participants that cheering, singing, handshaking & high fives are at risk activities and should not occur.


  • Both the class instructor and participants will bring their own equipment to use during class with no personal equipment to be shared between participants (e.g. mats, towels, water bottles, resistance bands, etc.).

  • Both the class instructor and participants are permitted at any time to wear any personal protective equipment (PPE) of their preference, such as a face mask or gloves, but PPE is not required where 2 meters of physical distancing is maintained.

  • If the class instructor or participants use outdoor surfaces such as benches, tables,or playground equipment during the class they will be reminded to use hand sanitizer product immediately after use.

  • In the event of situations where 2 meters of physical distancing is not possible (such as during emergency first aid) all parties involved must provide verbal consent (if possible) to work in close proximity.  Class instructors will be required to wear a face mask as part of their PPE when 2 meters physical distancing is not possible.




  • Both class instructors and participants will be advised to disperse and not gather in large groups following class.

  • Both the class instructor and participants will use a WSBC approved hand sanitizer product upon leaving class.



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